Project Description

There are lots of used machine in the market that can still be repaired by either replacing small components to complete overhaul. Our project with Simewook requires us to complete their unused machine to execute Machine Repair and Overhaul (MRO). The process includes tearing all the components, identifying the main issue and solve it by replacing the components with a latest version available in the market. The machine is upgraded into a better version by introducing higher specification components to achieve a faster production comparing to the default machine specifications.

Whether machinery modifications are needed as part of an equipment upgrade or to meet compliance requirements, Techcapital Resources Sdn Bhd has the knowledge and experience to help customer get more from their assets. Our modification works can be complimented by the design, supply and manufacture of parts and producing CAD drawings, for a one-stop solution for all machinery upgrade requirements. We have collaborated with Simewood to modify their slotting wood, it concentrates several machining operations in a single machine and can be equipped to suit customer requirements with upper vertical boring units and with horizontal units, to complete boring on faces of the panel.