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The current local manufacturing industry is mostly labor based and the issue based on daily activities are mostly due to human error. Due to that, our team work closely with the industry to optimize their expenses by adopting robotics technology into their manufacturing ecosystem. Robotics Technology is commonly used in Multinational Corporations to maximize their capacity with minimal space to maximize their production while minimizing manufacturing defects.

At TechCapital Resources, we have equipped ourselves with the latest knowledge and an experienced team capable of designing, fabricating and commissioning custom robotic machines to suit our customer needs. Some of the robotics solution that are currently used in the market are IoT based machine to assist local companies to monitor status of their production remotely and produce a data report for predictive maintenance purposes.

Our solution also includes customizing a ready-made or retrofit used machines to adopt with the newly designed production line from our customers. This will help them to upgrade used machines at their own site to adopt with new hardware or machines and to perform a new specific task without introducing a new set of machines thus drastically reducing their capital expenses when expanding their production line. Expansion of production line with the adoption of robotics technology, our customers are able to maximize their capacity without increasing their operating cost due to by maintaining or reducing their numbers of machine operators.