Project Description

The Seeding Robot is a 3 degree of freedom Cartesian sowing robot which picks up the seeds from a vibrating pool of seeds using tiny vacuum suction cups, carries them with speed up to 30Cm/s on each axis and push them into cubes of pit. The end effector of the robot can travel within workspace enclosed to X704×Y650×Z210mm with 0.1mm precision. To achieve this, stepper motor coupled with pulley and timing belt is the motion system for each axis of the robot.

This robot works in semi-outdoor environment. Therefore, mechanical structure of the robot
has been made of corrosion resistant materials. This chassis of the robot is made of aluminum
profile and stainless-steel brackets to support the junction corners and absorb the vibration
caused by stepper motors. The linear motion guides are also low maintenance stainless steel
and dust proof. The electronic equipment are also water, heat and sunlight resistance. As a
result, the robot can stand the climate inside the greenhouses.

Control System Design Description
The Control system of this robot has master slave layout. The slave controller, which is an AVR microcontroller, acts as pulse generator to controls the 3 Stepper motors of the axis and also controls the vacuum generator. The master controller, which is a single board computer based on ARM9-Cortex microcontroller and runs Android 4.4.2, acts as HMI to present the graphical view, supervises the sowing process, handles the motion planning, database, error detection, IoT and remote connection. The program code of the slave controller is written in ANSI C and the master controller’ code is in JAVA/Android language.