In this modern era, public transport sector has evolved over time with the emergence of new technologies and innovation. With the utilization of the new technology, it has elevated public transport operation to another level. For instance, this sector has broadened its horizon by providing diverse facilities in public transportation including security and monitoring.

Techcapital Resources Sdn Bhd and NSS IT Solution Sdn Bhd are partnering to design, build and provide a Vehicle Diagnostics and Monitoring System (VDMS) portal for MCMC. With their experience in this sector, both companies will able to fulfil all the scope that required by the MCMC.

Techcapital Resources believe that they are able to comply with the standard and MCMC requirements to gain proficiency in system and hardware. They also have gains tons of invaluable experiences to build up their expertise. With their dedicated team of personnel and capabilities, they surely will be well-positioned to deliver an intuitive and interactive VDMS portal for MCMC.