Project Description

The size of the greenhouse plays a major role on the amount of plants that can be planted due to its limited space. Our robotics system has enabled the user to maximize its crops by minimizing the size of the walkway to have more space for plants to be seeded and grow. We have placed the plants in groups and it can be remotely transferred using a gantry robot from their station to the harvesting station. Once the harvester has completed the tasks, the plants will be delivered back to its initial station and the gantry robot will pick up a new group of plantations for it to be harvested. The user currently only requires a small team to maintain the greenhouse by minimizing labour and manual work and maximizing their outputs.

 To automate work process in the greenhouse to pick and place pot plants
 To reduce work process duration of picking and placing plants of up to 50kg weight
 To maximize ground space for planting to 24m
 To increase greenhouse work activity performance and increase crop production

 Increase production output and work performance
 Reduce human labour workforce needed and labour cost
 Fast and easy work operation especially on heavy pot plants
 Introduce IoT technology to the industry