Computerized Panel Saw is a machine that our team have design and fabricate for the woodworking industry. Its purpose is to trim wooden planks into smaller pieces based on the input specifications by the machine operator. This machine is equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) elements which enables our team to monitor the status of the machine from time to time and engage with the user on the estimated service date based on its current health.


Laman Agro Robotik

The size of the greenhouse plays a major role on the amount of plants that can be planted due to its limited space. Our robotics system has enabled the user to maximize its crops by minimizing the size of the walkway to have more space for plants to be seeded and grow. We have placed the plants in groups and it can be remotely transferred using a gantry robot from their station to the harvesting station. Once the harvester has completed the tasks, the plants will be delivered back to its initial station and the gantry robot will pick up a new group of plantations for it to be harvested. The user currently only requires a small team to maintain the greenhouse by minimizing labour and manual work and maximizing their outputs.


The current transportation system used by our customer are conventional bus that requires them to operate using a conventional system. We have introduced a smart monitoring system called Vehicle Diagnostic & Monitoring System (VDMS) to add value to the company’s daily operation. The VDMS is a device connected to the vehicle’s control system, extract data and analyze it to produce a report on the vehicle status with recommendation actions on steps to reduce the fuel consumption and predicts its maintenance of its monitored components or parts. The data extracted by VDMS is accessible in real time via the application installed at their control room. This device is a good system that enables the asset management companies such as bus or taxi companies to reduce the carbon emission and optimize their asset on healthy status by maintaining their vehicle according to the reports generated by VDMS.


Simewood Process Automation

There are lots of used machine in the market that can still be repaired by either replacing small components to complete overhaul. Our project with Simewook requires us to complete their unused machine to execute Machine Repair and Overhaul (MRO). The process includes tearing all the components, identifying the main issue and solve it by replacing the components with a latest version available in the market. The machine is upgraded into a better version by introducing higher specification components to achieve a faster production comparing to the default machine specifications.

Transplanting Robot

For a crop to receive a constant number of seeds, the time taken for the farmers during preparation works takes a period of time to segregate the seeds equally into its crops. These seeds are small in sizes and its number varies from 500 to 1000 seeds per crop. Our machine, a 3-axis gantry robot are able to constantly transfer the seeds into a crop in a short period of time without any preparation works needed. This saves lots of time to the farmers as this process can take up to one full day whereas the machine can complete the tasks in 5 minutes.


Agriculture Robot

Agriculture is one of the key elements for economy in Malaysia. MARDI have engaged us in creating a Test Bed or Proof of Concept (POC) to manage crop production for their potential greenhouse project. Our robotics system has proven its possibilities on managing the crops in a controlled area for a greenhouse by transporting the matured seedlings from a cubical crop to a larger area. This process is called transplanting and it fasten the process as it does not require any human interaction during the process.


We have been engaged by a robotics research center to assist them on fabricating a humanoid robot which requires the full specifications from the head to its foot. The robot contains more than 20 joints which requires precise dimension for it to fit into its designed location. The fabrication process requires a short lead time, small to large size parts, complex fabrication, and assembly of finished product. This humanoid robot is used for their inhouse research team to study its movements by using all the motors interconnected.



There are currently close to none industrial robots that are currently fully used for training purposes. We provide training to local vocational institution such as Institut Kemahiran Teknikal Belia Negara (IKTBN), Sepang to learn and train on familiarizing with robotic components and its technology to cater for installation and preemptive troubleshooting. We are using SCARA Robot technology as the educational syllabus as it is comprehensive and easier to understand as it caters from basic to intermediate levels. This technology is used internationally and the students that completed the training are eligible to compete internationally at the Worldskills Competition held every year.