How are we
different from other players?

A robotics machine has its limited capabilities to process a specified task and is not capable of producing a whole product without integrating with other machines. Therefore, automation needs to take place by introducing machine-to-machine communication and integration to smoothly produce a product according to the desired specifications with minimal human interaction in-between.

The system integration involves various types of machines such as oven, conveyor belt, material trimming and welding. A system equipped with a set of machines are capable of handling a process from receiving a raw material into producing a complete product based on its capacity. A smart automation system will require machine-to-machine communication which will eliminate errors by running its algorithm to realign its product handling to reduce the product defects during its production stage.

We have served more than 10 years in providing automation solution to local industries to adopt automation which increases their productivity and minimize product defects. Adopting automation in production line will be the smartest investment to drastically improve a production process and brings in shorter return of investment period.